We live in a very dangerous time. Due to the propensity of politicians to lie and cheat, I have invented a scientific method to reveal dishonesty when it is spewed from the mouths of politicians and try set them straight to tell the truth. My first challenge was to create an honesty aura. What might that be? The aura would be an invisible substance, somewhat like fog or mist, but not visible. The initial experiment would swirl around Washington, D.C. Its first targets would be politicians. With the aura in place, the next step is to reveal and expose those who are liars and cheats and create consequences for their lying behavior. Once the lie is spewed from the politician’s mouth, he or she begins to blink bright red, and I mean bright red, Somewhat like a bright red blinking rash. On. Off. On. Off. On. Off! The only method of turning the revealing blinking off is for the politicians to publicly announce that their statement was a lie. Judging from our current affairs in Washington, the Capitol Building would not need to turn an electric light on for several weeks. The blinking red lights would be retroactive to the lying history lighting up the city. From outer space, Washington, D.C. might look like blinking Christmas lights although it is much more serious. It is the blinking politicians who have been drinking Liar Kool-Aid.

The aura cannot be seen. It cannot be shaken off. It is invisible. There will be no escaping it. You tell the truth or blink until you publicly tell the truth. My suggested outcome is that politicians, probably slowly, will begin to understand that they cannot tell a lie and get away with it. They will be forced to tell the truth.

Think how a world transformed to Truth Telling would look. We would be a much more peaceful civilization. Who knows, I might even win the Nobel Peace Prize!

3 thoughts on “The Aura by Mary Perrin Scott

  1. “Truthfulness is the foundation of all human virtues.”* Therefore, in the absence of truthfulness, are any other virtues possible???
    *Baha’i scriptures.

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