Thankfulness always surrounded
Thanksgiving celebrations
The table set; the food prepared
We gathered young and old
Our tradition evolved around
The fact we had no family near
We gathered those alone
New families in the neighborhood
Widows, widowers, divorcees
The invitation sent out
Quick replies rolled in
What to bring? What time to gather?
All sorted out, replies sent
Thanksgiving Day arrived
With much joy and laughter
Each one added their favorite
Cuisine to the holiday table
We cooked the turkey and gravy
Too many to sit at table
Scattered about the house were we
Every room overflowing with laughter
And the joy of being together
Yummy food followed by games
Scrabble the most popular
A walk around the block by
Those enticed outside
Followed by dessert of pies and cookies
Our celebration ended with thankfulness
Everyone parting ways
Fully fed with sustenance and love
Forty-two years of tradition
Warms my heart with memory!

How to keep a tradition
When no one is allowed in your home?
We cooked the turkey and gravy
Everyone handed their offering
In through the garage. We filled
containers to go and delivered
To those waiting in the garage
And down the driveway
Masks on and social distance of course
Glasses of wine in plastic cups
Placed with lots of space between
Let all have a socially safe time before
Heading home to eat.
A different year for sure
But satisfying to all!

One thought on “Thanksgiving A Time Of Thankfulness! by Mary Perrin Scott

  1. Mary – that was a fabulous solution to the pandemic holiday dilemma. If we’re still on shutdown next Thanksgiving, I’m stealing the idea!

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