Take this small spoon for salt—
a tiny serving in morning for waking,
and another for protection. Toss some
into the wind, spread some over your
wintery skin. Spring is just arriving—
the windows will open and our eyes
will see far into what the world can be.
But for now take this salt, and then,
some sugar for the spring sun rising
as the first thrush calls from the forest.
Take the sky’s wide berth for your own
singing ground, for your crying room.
They belong together, this sugar, this salt.
One is the low music you hear of wild birds
on the wind; the other, the balm that falls
afterward, shimmering over your skin.

You might be at home, but you are not alone.

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4 thoughts on “Take Salt, Take Sugar by Susan Jefts

  1. Salt and then sugar. Speaks very beautifully to life; to what life is, has been and will be. Thank you!

    1. Thanks William. So appreciate your comments. Interesting how good the two taste together too!

  2. This is beautiful! I especially like the idea of having my own “singing ground, and crying room.” These are essential. I love the last three lines! What an image “shimmering over your skin is.”

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