SYZYGY by Edward Pontacoloni

February 14, Twenty-Twenty Dear Sometimes Y,      Wish you were here!  You would love the giddy weather and yokel ambiance.       Sometimes it’s steamy hot.  Sometimes it’s chilly, wintry even, like in the Yukon.  Sometimes it’s dry, but sometimes it will rain enough to flood the Yucatan crater, a real gollywhomper.          Sometimes I lay on the sunny, … Continue reading SYZYGY by Edward Pontacoloni

Hemlock, Sandalwood, Sage by Ron Lavalette

Today it’s hemlock smoke, orcedar and, under thin cloudsand the huge blue, I’m on ahillside, high, dreaming aboutwhat summer used to be like,how all the beautiful womenwalked up and down the beach,their brown eyes darker thantheir summered bodies, the sunnot much brighter than theirsmiles.And I remember thatonce I could smell sandalwoodor maybe it was sage … Continue reading Hemlock, Sandalwood, Sage by Ron Lavalette