Laurel and Hardy had nothing on us
my best friend, Ruthie
the Hardy one
tall and gangly
with dark, razor straight hair and big doe-eyes
and me, Laurel
short, a curly haired blue-eyed blonde

The two of us joined at the hip
Ruthie, clever and pinpoint sharp
out winning and outwitting me at most games
still, we were best friends

nimble limbed
scrambling up our willow
monkey quick
leaving me behind and below
still, we were best friends

And even when she took my shovel
poised over my head
ready to lower the boom
because of a toy not shared
still, we were best friends

And then in later years
Ruthie never forgetting my birthday
or our anniversary
me, not so good at remembering
still, we were best friends

a vigilant mother
to her “come and go” cat menagerie
over sixty-five years
distanced by time and space
keeping in contact
because, after all, we are still best friends

One thought on “Still Best Friends by Linda Freedland

  1. You had me at the title! Love the descriptions–razor-sharp, come-and-go cats. Thanks for this sweet piece!

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