This is a true story as told to me by my nose. The characters have been recreated to protect
the identity of non-participants. Any similarity between the recreated characters and the actual
non-participants is merely a coincidental consequence of my sense of smell.

He was a Dreamer in Grey Flannel with a Stetson, what you might call an Ultra Male, or
what the French would simply call L’Homme.

She stood waiting by a Red Door in the Moonlight, Beautiful with her Violet Eyes, tight fitting
Blue Jeans and Black Pearls, a Hypnotic Poison. He was Lovestruck. She was The Only One.

The Weekend promised Romance. They would Escape. His Roadster was waiting, its Chrome
wheels shining in the Miami Glow.

Sensuous Pleasure awaited them, but He would not violate any Tabu. He was a Gentleman not
a Brut. She was an Angel. Theirs would be a Fancy Love.

With a Happy Heart He made a Declaration, “Without Contradiction, I will love you for all

She inhaled to catch her breath. She smelled deception. There were just too many scents for
her to be able to discern the Truth, or to rationally explain his Obsession on their very first date.
She chose to forego the promise of a Midnight Romance. She complained of a sinus headache.

She left him at the door.

To him She became an Unforgivable Woman. He drove quickly away as if his car had Wings.
She looked beyond his leaving, out over the Cool Water of South Beach in the fall. She noticed
a Canoe lying upturned in the Curve of the shoreline. She decided to go for a Nude swim alone.
At this point my nose surrendered to my eyes.


Author’s Note: The forty colonges and perfumes mentioned in this story are the registered trade
names of their makers. South Beach is a hip and trendy vacation area of Miami Beach, Florida
where they wear lots of cologne and perfume, especially at night. The characters of He and
She were played by actors. The author’s nose is a figment of his imagination.

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