Kindergarten was a half day back then.  I was assigned to the afternoon class since I lived close enough to school that I could walk there.  However, shortly before I started school, I jumped off the porch while playing and tore ligaments in my left foot.  My mother had to take me to school in my little red wagon.  Not a very good start.

At the end of the first quarter, I got my first report card.  Father Tougher, the pastor of St. Jude’s Grammar School, handed out the report cards and reviewed them with each student.  I had stars after each objective except “tying shoes”.  When he asked me about this, I told him that he was not to worry because my parents always bought me shoes that buckled and this was a task I would never need to master.  For some strange reason my next pair of shoes were tie shoes.

The next time I got my report card, Father Tougher asked me what I liked about school because all the columns including the “tying shoes” had stars.  I told him “The first day, the last day and the parties in between.”  My parents never let me forget that one.

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