one-room log cabin
isolated in the woods
out-house, spring water

darkness. the bonfire
fireflies guide us to the dock
where we catch sunfish

toast fish on a stick
over fire. dip in butter
melted in soup can

lake warm for night swims
birthday suits always just right
air-dry then pj’s

cots in the lean-to
we watch the stars before sleep
I don’t know it then

belief that Nature
is bedrock of my life means
homesick for my youth

brother and I say
these memories are precious
and s’mores are for sissies

4 thoughts on “Schroon Lake Haiku by Leslie Sittner

  1. We discussed all of these memories on Saturday, but your poem made it more vivid for me. As usual, Well done.

  2. Such sweet memories! Makes me want to go somewhere private, toss the suit, and remember what it’s like to go skinny dipping! Also brought back memories of dreamy star gazing as a teenager in clear-skyed Spain! Lovely.

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