Rich Frost is excited to announce the publication of his first novel, Final Season.

It tells the story of 55-year-old Dan Jameson, who suffers recurrence of the malignant lymphoma for which he has already endured radiation and chemotherapy, but decides not to go through the grueling treatment process again.  He opts instead to take whatever time he has left and follow his baseball team, the Baltimore Orioles, through the 1993 season.  His plans change when outside a Wisconsin diner, a young woman asks for a ride.  The pair begin traveling together. Over time she learns to appreciate Dan’s devotion to his team but refuses to let him become disengaged with life and its possibilities.

Rich has previously written six books on travel and history topics, most recently The Plattsburgh Military Reservation: A Pictorial History.

Final Season is currently available in print and electronic editions on Amazon. It is also sold in Plattsburgh area book outlets.

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