After the pandemic, which came to be known as World War Z, the theories abounded, as did time to test hypotheses.

1.Lack of coffee = zombification
Far-fetched becomes reality due to chemical dependency and the newest additives, of course not regulated by the CDC nor the FDA.

2.Offensive Science Stance: “The virus impacted the brain, resulting in a new neurodivergency of literal disintegration of some lobes of the brain”
After this headline was cited as un-PC, few were willing to postulate about the disease due to dis.ease.

3.Subliminal messaging: “When she on the molly, she a zombie”
Conclusion: pop culture is to blame. Damn youth of today, they’ve finally damned us all!

4.Technologically induced state of being = end game
Official Statement: Few are willing to consider the connection between projected matrixes and human zombification, for technology is our friend and a useful tool – not something that negatively impacts life as we know it.

On the precipice of being quartered for ideas drawn out, we have had to go underground with re:search, for government, cultural, and societal forces seek to regulate us. Reg.u.late. But we’re too legit to quit. So we keep showing up to sound off. Keep one step ahead.

Our lead scientist grows our food. One of the chemists purifies and protects our natural water supply. I, a former educator and current writer, am the bridge to the world. My position places me into the greatest threat of danger. Unknown is naturally uncommon, and therefore shunned. But I’ve been easily spoken against by the forces at large in the world. I can be dis.credited. I can be overlooked. But my words may resonate with truths harbored within hearts.

It was a tough choice to leak these compiled details, to report only facts and reality. But you will not find us. We don’t utilize modern technology. We rely on Mother Earth.

Supplied with our home-grown blend, armed with only a transmitter, and willing to endure what others don’t dare engage, we are ready to face the new world, fit to our designs. We’ve seen the light, per say. We rely on ourselves and each other. We will not outsource dependency for our daily provisions. We —

Be at a loss, in this moment. Further updates to follow.

I shall fare thee well as I sip the Dunkin’ supplied by my dear former co-worker, I urge the urgent upon all who have ears to hear what I decry. Community is not dead! Play on, play on.

Forge on, survivors. Avenge the half-life of an average life. Decide for yourself. Expect that experience you open yourself up to will shape outcome. Over and out.

Update: We regret to in.form you this was the last broadcast you will receive from our commun.ic. [n]ations liaison, who has since left our team to embark upon new ad.venture(s). Word of warning: some habits die hard.

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