It’s going to go away by itself
Half a million will be gone by mid-winter

It’s not that bad…most everyone gets over it
We need more refrigerated trailers

I had it and I got over it in a few days
I just waived to Grandma on a ventilator through her hospital window

We need the new judge, so we can get rid of Obama Care
“Dear former employee: Your medical insurance grace period has expired.”

We’re turning the corner
“One thousand Americans died today”…one THOUSAND

It’s not much worse than the flu
We’re on the edge looking into the abyss, and half of us are blind

We’re just going to let it run free and then we’ll all be immune
Following the Ignorant Into Armageddon

I can’t hug anyone anymore, and I’m starting not to care
The fucking thing got me, and I’m not even dead

Wall Street is doing fine…

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