I took a risk when I decided to move from New York City to New Orleans. I was an artist, a painter with a case of artist block. I hadn’t been able to paint for months. So, when Uncle Nestor invited me to live with him, of course I said, yes. I thought the change of scenery would help me get over my block. Besides, living in New York City grew tiring after a while.

Uncle Nestor was my favorite Uncle. My Uncle was an archeologist who traveled all around the world, making amazing discoveries. Anytime he would visit, he would bring be some fabulous trinket from the country of his latest dig. Uncle Nestor never married, but he kept many pets, including two parrots, a dog, and many bearded dragons. My Uncle believed cages were inhumane, so, the animals roamed through Nestor’s house as they pleased.

My Uncle lived in a Queen Anne style home, with blue siding, and white shutters. It had four bedrooms and four baths. Plenty, of space. My Uncle told me I could use one of the spare bedrooms as a studio. So, I packed all my paint supplies, and what little I owed and made my way to Uncle Nestor’s. The trip was a nineteen-hour trip, I drove all the way through. By the time I got to my Uncle’s it was late. As, I pulled into the driveway, I wondered if the risk I took would be worth it.

What I really should have worried about, was the mysteries that awaited me.

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