There lurks among the Inactive Mines
The frightful beastly Hidebehind
A grotesquery large as a bear.
And Melanie Noon did venture there.

Up and upon steep Fleming Mountain
Where shoveled rubble has long lain,
Where long ago they ceased prospecting,
Melanie Noon trekked unsuspecting

On trails winding through forest pine
Haunted by the beastly Hidebehind
With spittle drooling from its jaws
And pointy talons for its claws.

Melanie Noon, young and fair
With hazel eyes and auburn hair
Wearing cargo pants and hiking shoes,
Was unaware that the beast was loose.

Soon the beast sensed her arrival
And on all fours it began to prowl.
As round a bend Noon made her course
Her danger was now growing worse.

The alarming caws of the twitter crows,
The pounding of the prowling claws,
The growling of the beastly Hidebehind
Broke the silence of the Inactive Mines,

Sending Melanie Noon to panic and flight
Like a shooting star to escape the night.
But just as she was about to scream,
Melanie Noon awoke from her dream.

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