For my daddy, to tell me if there is a brother or a sister
For my mommy, she helps me to patch up my blister
For my brother, oh no, I set the couch on fire
For my sister, get out, I hate you, little spier
For my boyfriend, I’m sorry it’s not you, it’s me
For my fiancé, yes I said, with such fake glee
For my husband, that’s ok, I know you didn’t think
For my baby, I will protect you, he’s not him on drink
For my ex, goodbye, you can’t hurt me anymore
For my future, I turn and I walk out the door
For the doctor, test results available in ten days
For my heart, what are you sitting for, get on your way
For my soul, I pray let this be negative, a new me
For my peace, the phone, not detected, I’m free.

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