tall pines dance
in the breeze,
framing the scene
of blue and green.

scents waft
out of the kitchen,
as we sit quietly
taking in the ambiance.

a loon and her baby
slowly swim by,
their passing
leaving a delicate trail.

a salmon jumps,
breaking the still water,
and catches the mayfly
passing overhead

the circle of its passing
slowly moves outward
on the quiet lake,
till all is calm once again.

murmurs from the kitchen
mix with the songs
of the birds sweetly singing
goodnight to the day.

the colors of the sky
start to change,
from bright blue,
becoming pale, then,

changing to the vivid colors
of the evening sky
which play across the water
on this peaceful night.

dinner arrives, steaming in the cooling air,
as an eagle glides by
silently, on the evening breeze,
sighing through our frame of pines.

all is calm, as gentle music
slides over the calm water
creating an oasis for two,
in the peaceful evening.

tho we can’t stay,
the magic of the evening
stays forever with us,
hidden deep

within our hearts
within our dreams
a hope that someday
you will be here…

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