I would like to tell you about my great grandmother. Her name is June, but everyone in our house calls her “Ma”. I am her best friend.

I live with her and she takes good care of me. Every morning we have breakfast together and she is a great cook. She fixes me a sausage patty with cheddar cheese and guacamole on a bun. It is my favorite breakfast except for when she warms up bacon in the microwave, but she doesn’t do that too often.

In the springtime and fall, we go for walks almost every morning. When the weather gets hot, we go after supper because where we walk is shady and cooler in the evening. I get really hot in my fur coat. When we get back, she gives me a treat from a drawer in the kitchen. Who doesn’t like treats? Life can be so grand!

Every afternoon, Ma works on the computer. I think she thinks she is a great writer. While she does this, I sit under her desk at her feet and sleep. Her feet smell like roses because of the lotion she puts on them. I am not really fond of roses, but I am fond of Ma.

Ma doesn’t cook dinner. She has convinced everyone that she is a rotten cook. So, my great grandfather, Ga, does the cooking. Ma always gives me food off her plate. I don’t even have to beg. All I have to do is wait patiently until she finishes eating. I do this by lying next to her at the dinner table so she doesn’t forget me. Since she is trying to lose weight, I often get a lot of food. I get so excited when she puts her leftovers in my dish. My butt actually shakes. She has lost weight, but I would love her no matter how fat she is. Amazingly, I have not gained any weight. I guess all those walks I take her on help.

At night, I sleep in her room. This is the one bad part about her. She snores. Oh yes, she does not sing too well either, but she sings often. Her singing is kind of like howling, so I howl right along with her. I think I keep her on key and we don’t sound too bad.

Other good things she does for me is she rubs my belly, cleans out my eyes with a tissue and scratches behind my ears. She has taught me some tricks which get me a lot of attention and sometimes, more treats. I can give you my paw and my other paw and roll over and sit up on command. My name is Max and Ma tells me I am the best dachshund in the house. I will love her forever.

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