To my dear “Elle,”

Not only do I Love you for your beginning of my name but for the many emotions and actions you have created. If it weren’t for you, we would not be able to express our Love for someone. Without you, how would we go through Life, Learning the Lessons so necessary for Longevity? We are all indeed Lucky you came along, to help us Listen and Laugh, sometimes with only a chuckle, other times Lusty, with a roar. You enable us to see the Light, in a Lucid way. With you, we can Liberate out souls and Laud those we admire.

You have allowed us to act Lively, while at other times, to be more Laid-back. In these difficult times, you have allowed us to Lift up our spirits and Lighten our heavy Loads. This is crucial in these distressing times.

However, you also have a dark side. Your words can Lacerate, Lambaste and Libel, and Lately, have been filled with Loathing. Some of your words bring out the worst of us, Lashing out at what frightens us. Many of us need words to Liven us up, not cause us to Languish in a state of Lassitude. This is not helpful right now. Many of us are feeling Lethargic and Lazy. We are Lonely and need Levity in our Lives. Most of us are Laden with too much Leisure, Lulled into complacency. We’re beginning to feel a bit Loopy and at Loose ends in our endless days of Loneliness.
We need a word that sums it all up. A word that lets everyone know how we are feeling. Lousy comes close and perhaps we’re all a bit like Lunatics, but what’s that one perfect word I’m looking for? Maybe Loony? I think you have to work on this. That’s your assignment as you head back to school, masked and sanitized, but Looking forward to Launching a new and better year.

Love, Linda

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