One thought on “Infinite Grace by Margo Fish

  1. Margo, your opening imagery and alliteration hooked me! I liked the rest of your poem, but honestly some words took me out of the flow. I hope you don’t mind some constructive criticism, which is only meant to help your writing and is my opinion. On line 7, I would leave out “and the.” I think starting the line with “wind hears my heart beat” makes the word “wind” more immediate and makes the personification of “wind hears” more effective. On your 13th line, I would leave out “and I” because you don’t need “and” you have a comma. I would move “I” to right before “am free.” Therefore, after “petal form” your next lines would read Letting go/I am free/for grace, Sometimes. I like how you started and ended with “sometimes” making the poem seem full circle. Your capitalization of “Rhythmed” and “Petal” also took me out of your flow of beautiful imagery. I enjoyed reading your poem, which made me smile, I and can relate to it because it’s something I would imagine doing or literally do. Nice simile, continuing alliteration of /f/, and I love the personification of “my soul flows into petal form.” Remember every word needs a purpose, especially in poetry. Less words are better. Well done. Thank you for sharing.

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