Clouds cover the tips of the mountains
cutting them in half with
their wide swatch of whiteness
Others dip down to meet the sea
creating an ethereal misty effect
The waters dotted by small fishing boats
desolate but beautiful in its desolation
Isolated from the world
accessible only by sea or sky
No billboards, no neon lights
Just moon, sun and stars
The only signs of life are seals, seagulls
and fishing boats
The gulls make the most noise
Watching spellbound
as a pod of whales “bubble fish”
Blowing bubbles
and thousands of tiny krill
out their blow hole
And as a silent signal is sounded
They rise up out of the water
Mouths open to scoop up fish
then sink back under
In awe of nature’s ritual
imitating the beauty
of synchronized swimmers
On cue, propelling themselves
out from the water
Hands above their heads
pushing back and submerging
going under once again
Now bonded with my new friends
these gentle giants of the sea
our tour boat heads back to shore

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