I stepped inside the tortured body.
A hopeless soul,
A nobody.
But still he had the will to live,
There is, he felt, more to this.

His body limp, his soul had left.
Of faith and hope,
he is bereft.
Yet angels hover round him yet,
A faithful soul, they are in debt.

I look to them and ask them why,
How does he merit a second try?
Once a hero, his life a quest,
Now haunting memories, enough said.

I stepped inside the fallen body.
Unsure if I am just a copy.
Another soul on a mission,
In hopes of rendering attrition.

His tortured soul had grown weak,
His outlook on life, quite bleak.
But prayers were sent to heaven’s door,
By those who knew him as he was before.

Happy, innocent, and free,
They prayed for who he used to be.
Allay the torment he endured,
They asked for a miracle, a cure.

But the soul he had was beyond repair,
There had been too much wear and tear.
The cure was to give it release,
And term his fate deceased.

I stepped inside the lifeless body,
And covered him in my embrace.
His heart did beat.. his breath returned,
His eyes looked up at those concerned.

And then, he felt a sudden peace.
His tormented life had finally ceased.
A stronger soul had taken control,
And guided him back, making him whole.

I stepped inside the lifeless body,
And molded it into a somebody.
I weaved and guided his mortal mind.
leaving hurt and anguish behind.

That was when my life began,
I stepped inside, not born again.
His world before I did not know,
A brand new man, a brand new soul.

My charge has now a new beginning,
And each new day is a new inning.
Heaven sent and not revealed,
And by the way,
“My lips are sealed”

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