“I got for,” my little four-year old brother announced one day as we were going somewhere in the car.

“What?” Our distracted mother asked.

“I got for,” he repeated.

“You have four of what?” Mom asked again, paying some slight attention now.

“I got for a peanut butter samwich,” my brother seriously stated.

“Oh!” Mom exclaimed in surprise, with all her attention now. “You forgot a peanut butter sandwich.”

“Yes,” my brother stated, relieved that he was finally understood. “I got for a peanut butter samwich.”

“You forgot to bring a peanut butter sandwich,” our mother corrected him.

“Yes,” my brother repeated, a little bewildered this time. “I got for a peanut butter samwich.”

“You forgot,” Mom narrowed her wording.

Yes. I got for…”

“The word is forgot,” Mom repeated, beginning to lose her patience.

“Yes, I..”

“Forgot,” Mom interjected.

“I forgot my peanut butter samwich.”

“Yes, you did,” mom said, then told one of the other of us to do something as soon as we arrived at our destination, my little brother dismissed. But, later she teased him about twisting the word around.

We learned later that she had been teased for little mistakes she had made when she was a small child, so had no other pattern to follow. Our father’s family did not do that, so we didn’t either.

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