Hip, Hip Hooray
The mail arrived today
Mailmen and Mailwomen
Jim and Elizabeth and millions more
Pony express, trains, planes and trucks
Deliver our daily mail
Magazines, packages, bills
Letters, baby announcements and holiday cards
Just some of what they bring
We wait to see them turn the corner
Mail bag over their shoulder
A smile greeting us at the door
Let’s celebrate these men and women
Who trudge through snow, sleet and rain
And scorching summer sun
Let’s cheer them on with
Red, white and blue
A parade in every city, town and hamlet
Popcorn, Cracker Jacks, Balloons and
A national holiday to thank
These men and women who keep us
Connected with one another
Hip, Hip, Hooray
The mail arrived today

2 thoughts on “Hip, Hip Hooray by Mary Perrin Scott

  1. Therese, I put a copy of the poem in our mail box for Elizabeth and she sent back a not saying she was thrilled by the affirmation of the postal service.

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