January Workshop—Fast Flash Fiction

January workshop! Friday – Sunday, January 19-21
Let’s take the leap and excavate those inner caves that contain the FIRE of urgency and transformative writing. Let’s rock those areas that deepen our self-knowledge. What is that one story you have held back from telling that will not only affirm the outsider, but will empower others through the intimacy of its revelation? Move to the core of fear and rage. There is some wound to examine and this workshop is the place to explore it.

Taught by Meg Tuite.

Lessons from Meg Tuite go up on Friday and Saturday. The course includes a prompt for students to respond to, then a workshop where you’ll post your piece and give and receive feedback along with fellow students.

Cost for the full workshop is $111, payable via PayPal button below. We will collect your name and email address via PayPal, then reach out to you with further instructions for how to log in and participate in January. Register soon, as we expect the course to fill up fast!

No refunds.
Register Now $111

4 thoughts on “Flash Fast Fiction Writing Workshop from (b)oink

  1. I’d like to register for Meg Tuite’s class 1/19-21. Please let me know how to do that. Thank you in advance.

  2. I don’t get this. I commit with my money which you don’t collect until January — but I am “on the hook for it.” Then you tell me how to log on. No sample classes? No instruction? Just write, critique and get feedback? I can do that in the FB group I belong to. What if I don’t have PayPal? I do but lately classes seem to not want to take my credit cards, just go through PayPal? I would rather pay the way I want to pay. Not through PayPal.

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