I dream, I dream. Haunted by my past life, I scream! I see, I see. My comrade being shot in front of me. I run, I run. Through the hot, swampy jungle with my gun. I cry, I cry. Trapped submersed in a bamboo water cage only able to see the blood red sky. I feel, I feel. A water rat gnawing at my toe, the skin he peels. I look, I look. Up in the sky the biggest brightest moon from my water prison, my spirit they took! I’m freed, I’m freed. No victory only betrayal as written, Nothing is true, everything is permitted, in the Assassins Creed. I die, I die. Thrusted into the air from the bunker explosion planned by the ones in charge to hide their lie. I find peace, I find peace. Free Fifty-Three years later when I touch my engraved name in stone, the nightmares cease!

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