PoemVillage is a celebration by and for the community. Over the past six years, it has become one of the most beloved events in the region.

The sponsors ensure that every community member can be a part of PoemVillage completely free, regardless of financial status. Offering PoemVillage at no cost is extra important in a year when creativity and community mean more than ever.

Audience: Residents, Tourists, Students, Families, Retired, ages 5-65, Lake Placid, Saranac Lake, Tupper Lake, New York City, Burlington, and Albany are highest in participants locations, but visitors come from as far as California, Canada, Washington, DC.

Gold Level: $750

Business name and logo on every single poem posted, in all the press releases, calendars, and social media during PoemVillage and year-round on ACW website. This year, ACW will also write a feature article about gold level sponsors and their commitment to supporting local written art for all ages sent to local news outlets and ACW email list.

Silver Level: $500

Business name on ACW website, press releases, and social media during PoemVillage (April-May 2022).

Bronze Level: $250

Business name on social media during PoemVillage (April-May 2022).

High School Writing Retreat 

Two-day event every October

Over 100 students from across the North Country attend this program with world-renowned performance poets for writing workshops, performances, and student open mics at our host location at Paul Smith’s College. Completely free for high school students and teachers to attend. Sponsors names and logos are featured in all print materials and online promo, as well as by host during the event.

Audience: Residents, Families, Parents, Students age 14-18 (homeschooled and traditional students)

Sponsorships begin at $500

Pop Up Poetry

Format 1: Three poets spend an entire day walking into classrooms, the library, gym, and the cafeteria surprising students with poetry. Teachers know about this ahead of time but students do not know. They spend about 4-7 minutes in each classroom, and end the day with a school-wide assembly performance, this gives context to the pop ups and allows longer poems to be performed.

Add-ons: 1-2 hour writing workshop led by poets can be added.

Format 2: Three poets spend day at a businesses or public spaces surprising patrons with poetry. Owners and staff know about this ahead of time, but the patrons do not. A full performance to follow in the evening, free and open to the public to attend.

Total cost: $4,000