Who would have thought you would become a memoirist, poet, and political columnist? You, who had such a long academic struggle. You, who could never read a book from cover to cover until fifth grade.

Looking through your report cards which your mother saved, first grade through college graduation, is proof of your struggle. You survived and moved on because of self- determination. When told by the headmaster of your private school that you were not college material, you told your parents that you were changing schools. Knowing that you had it in you to go to college, you found a school that would accept underachievers and help them succeed. At the end of high school, you beat all odds and went to college. Do you remember how happy those four years were?

With the help of an art instructor, you formed a group of students who helped you create a pottery program from scratch. Looking at your grades during those four years, you were not brilliant, but you did it. You were the first, with the exception of your father, to graduate from college! Years later you decided to go to Seminary, graduating in 2000 with a Master of Art’s in Theology. And today, I watch as you guide people in their spiritual journeys. Theological study has been a good addition to your resume.

As I have watched the journey, I see a keen curiosity, sometimes not understood by those around you. You are determined to achieve even in the face of a learning disability. No wonder learning was difficult. You continue to grow. You are an avid reader, always trying to catch up from the years of not reading. A stack of books always keeps you company by your chair in the family room. Most importantly, you have always encouraged your children in their educational goals. They all have their Master’s Degrees in Education.

As I said in the beginning, “Who would have thought you would become the outstanding writer you are today?” I congratulate you as you continue to learn and grow in your world of knowledge. You find possibility in what sometimes seems to be impossible. Please keep reading and writing.
Mary Perrin Scott

4 thoughts on “Dear Mary Perrin by Mary Perrin Scott

  1. Dear Mary, Your life achievements out shine mine but I too had the same negative comments about a college education. Like you I did go to college and the first in my family to have a college degree. I hope I have inspired people to go after their dreams no matter what. In 2017 you inspired me with a prayer circle outside Howe Lib when I was facing a cancer diagnosis alone. I can never thank you enough for your prayers. Miss the Howe Lib. Writers and our leader Paul, but I carry all of you with me in my heart.

  2. “You find possibility in what seems to be impossible.” This piece reveals how you have lived that mantra, for yourself and others. Brava!

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