Dear little Duane,

This letter will be hard to read.  I want you to know that whatever happens to you, however much you will want things to be different, you will eventually succeed.  You will learn to read, though it will often be difficult.  You will make stories and people all around the world will read words you will write.  They will live in places you'll not be able to pronounce, but that is okay.  You will discover history that no before you knew.  Through your writing, people will learn and the information you discover will cause history books to be re-written to include your information. At first, very few people will notice, but eventually, as time passes, people will know and appreciate what you have done.

Don't give up hope.  Your mother does love you, but she can't say it or show it.  No one showed her their love when she was growing up, so she doesn't know how to show you.  She will, thought, and you will know.

You will be loved by your future children more than you can now imagine, and their children will love you too.  They will be able to show their love for you because you will have shown them your love. That is the way love works.

You are loved, you will succeed.  That is all that is important to know.

I love you and cherish you.  I am the man you will becoame.

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