D. D. D. stands for Dandelion Death Day. It is the new holiday that I am proposing.

Anyone who knows me knows I hate dandelions and do everything possible to eliminate them. I wage war every Spring against dandelions. I think of them as deadly trespassers. While most women get jewelry for Mother’s Day, my husband got me a new dandelion digger and I was thrilled. I can honestly say, I have almost eradicated the dandelions from my front lawn again this year.

Dante, being from a place in Italy that was very hot, thought Hell would be very cold. My Hell will be populated by these little yellow flowers. The damned would dig them all day long only to find more the next day.

My husband and I used to go to car shows in his ’39 Hudson. These shows were usually in some field in the middle of nowhere. I would get sick on the way there looking at all the blankets of yellow on the farm lands. I see nothing dandy about dandelions.

Not everyone hates dandelions. My best friend, who lives in a Victorian farm house with lots of land and lots of dandelions, pointed out to me that they support the bees and we need the bees for pollination. I understand that and I have posted a sign in my yard stating: “Dear bees, to find dandelion flowers, please fly to:” and gave her address. I have posted another sign on my property line reminding my neighbors dandelions to practice social distancing and stay where they are or, better yet, go back to Europe where they originated.

Some people wish on dandelions. I wish they would go away.
So, what I am proposing is a holiday where everyone digs dandelions called Dandelion Death Day. It would be held in the Spring, perhaps the Friday after Easter.

Dandelions are edible and have many culinary uses including be made into wine. High in vitamins, the leaves can be used in salads and the taproot can be ground into a coffee substitute. Since all holidays involve some kind of food, at the end of the day, participants can eat dandelion salad with taproot coffee or better yet, dandelion wine. That would be a great tradition!

2 thoughts on “D. D. D. by June Hannay Kosier

  1. I APPROVE!!! I, too, hate dandilions! I regret that they can be edible (I don’t!). I’ve seen them destroy the paradise of my grandparent’s back yard. Some people stray them, I prefer digging. There is more satisfaction in seeing the root come out! I will also post a sign for the bees with your friend’s address. Thanks.

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