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September 15, 2019

New Photo Book Shares the Wild Side of the Adirondacks

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – The six-million-acre Adirondack Park is the largest park in the Lower Forty-Eight, and Capital Region resident Erik Schlimmer is one of its premier hikers – he’s climbed nearly 1,000 peaks and hiked more than 10,000 miles within the Adirondack Mountains. During the past twenty years he’s been photographing the wildest parts of this range, and the fruit of his labor is Color Remote: Bushwhacking the Adirondack Mountains (Beechwood Books, 2019), a massive coffee table photo book.

As Schlimmer writes in the introduction, “While others are content capturing commonplace landscapes next to trails and roads, I specialize in photographing ‘the backcountry of the backcountry’ – secreted places that are seldom visited, rarely photographed.” This book, the author’s seventh, enjoys three-fold exclusivity. First, it’s the biggest photo book of this range ever produced. Weighing a hefty three pounds, Schlimmer shares 321 images within 340 pages. Second, it features only natural photography. Schlimmer rejects popular use of filters and Photoshop. Third, only 1,000 copies will ever be published. Each one is numbered and signed, much like other works of art. Copies of Color Remote, which retail for $40, are available only through the websites of Beechwood Books ( and Friends of the Trans Adirondack Route (

Strangely enough, Schlimmer grew up in an urban environment. His family lived in Poughkeepsie, New York, until 1985, when he was 12 years old. “At the time,” he recounted, “moving to the North Country seemed like a very bad idea. I thought I was being dragged to the Tibetan plateau.” He took the “when in Rome” approach upon arrival and did what other kids did, which included skiing, snowshoeing, fishing, hiking, and camping, activities he had never done before. Schlimmer fell in love with the beauty and simplicity of it all. As he puts it, “Here I am, still hiking in this range 35 years later.”


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