My grandsons and I are hiking around in hot July woods with the dog when, “Boys, maybe we’ll see this unusual wild creature I’ve seen here twice before.”
“What does it look like, Gramma?”
“Yeah, what’s it called?”
“Well, it’s the size of a red fox but all black, lean, with a very long black bushy tail―like a fox. But it has small round ears instead of pointed ones. It’s not in the dog family like wolves and coyotes because I saw it scurry up a tree when it saw the dog and me.
“But what is it? What’s it called?”
The name is in there somewhere. I know it. It’s easy. I looked it up again last night.
It’s a …………… It’s a …………… It’s a …………….
Not even a picture of the word I made in my mind is available.
I hope we see it today. Maybe later I can access its name.

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