My family has moved around a few times, and it always seems to be during the holidays. Last Christmas, my family of three people and two dogs packed up an RV in Colorado and moved to the Adirondacks. Now, this was an interesting decision, seeing as we were also still amidst a pandemic. But, Christmas of 2020 was an amazing thing. We celebrated from inside our RV, in quarantine and camped outside of my grandparents’ house on Christmas morning. Stockings were hung over the driver’s seat, and a swiveling chair was our tree. A star was placed on top of a broom by the door. That camper, usually so dull and small, was alive with holiday magic, and we waved through the window facing my grandparents’ house and called to wish everyone a merry Christmas. Even though there was no tree, or a Christmas feast, or a warm fireplace, that year is the most special Christmas that I’ve ever had.

4 thoughts on “Christmas in an RV by Jenna Audlin

  1. Jenna is a delightful soul who sees the magic in everything. She started inspiring me when she was quite young: she and her Mom are shining lights in my life.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS, Jenna! Way to go! Thanks for sharing such a FUN story with such a powerful message that we can all benefit from. Happy Holidays!

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