This recipe is also known as “Bill’s Secret Recipe“ and could rival Brook’s Barb-B-Q in Oneonta, NY. It is not a recipe for fried chicken, but could potentially replace the colonel’s recipe.

Bill is my father. He took a basic barb-b-que sauce recipe and added four more ingredients to it and heated it on the stove for thirty minutes. He then would brush the chicken with it, place the chicken on the grill, turn and baste it often and cook it until tender. My dad was a patient man and he would sit by the grill turning and basting while slowly cooking the chicken. It would take a while and the aroma would drive everyone crazy while waiting to eat, but it was worth it in the end. While most neighbors were having barb-b-qued hamburgers, hot dogs or steak on Sunday, we always had Dad’s chicken.

Mom and I couldn’t wait for Spring to come and hated it when the weather got too cold to cook outside in the Fall.

Dad gave me the recipe before he died, but made me promise not to give it to anyone. I will give you the basic recipe though:

1/2 cup Mazola oil
¾ cup lemon juice or cider vinegar
½ cup water
1 ½ tbs salt
3 tbs sugar
1 ½ tsp tabasco sauce

I have written a memoir about my dad while I was growing up in the 50’s and 60’s. I have included the total recipe in the appendix of my book. One must buy the book to get the secret ingredients. The recipe will be worth the price of the book. The problem is, when the memoir will be published is a secret, just like the extra ingredients.

4 thoughts on “Chick-N-Que Sauce by June Kosier

  1. I’m sure your stories about your father will be worth the price of admission – the recipe for the bbq chicken will just be the gravy!

  2. This author is a tease!! But a good one and mouth-watering too. Let’s hope the author gets around to publishing his memoir soon. With this titillating tease, the book should be a sell-out.

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