“Why do you like autumn, Granpa?”

“Because in the autumn the first frost happens,” Granpa answered. “That first frost is a time of celebration – for the death it has brought. No more ticks, chiggers or mosquitoes for half a year! What a time of joy!!”

“That makes me happy too, then,” his granddaughter replied. “I don’t like chiggers, or ticks, or miskeetas! They make me itch!”

“The days are long enough and often warm they can still be enjoyed,” Granpa said.

“And I can play outside.”

“Yes, you can,” Granpa answered. “Nights are crisp and cool. And, there are colors all around: yellows, golds and light browns, even reds. Trees are decorated as never any other time of year!”

“OH! That’s when they get pretty!”

“Yes, they do. And, sunlight is softer too, and mellow,” Granpa explained. “Sunlight in the fall is welcome more than dreaded to be endured. There are no more hot, one hundred degree days! A jacket may even be needed or welcomed in the evenings, but not for the whole day. And, fires are appreciated at night.”

“I like it when you make fires!”

“I like to make fires to burn dead wood and dried stalks from flowers that are done for the year.”

“And, what else, Granpa?”

“The year’s growth of plants can be assessed. What grew how much this past year? And, I ask myself: What do I want more of, or less, next year? What do I need to do now to help that along? What needs to be trimmed, or taken out? What do I want to add? I can begin plans for next year,” Granpa finished.

“That’s a lot.”

“But, that’s not all,” Granpa continued. “There are a lot more questions to think about. What needs to be done for winter? What needs to be protected now? What will likely not survive the cold? What damage will freezing ice likely make? What can I do now to possibly prevent that?”

“Wow! That’s a lot, Granpa.”

“I know. Autumn is a busy season, but one of satisfaction and hope for the next year. I consider it the best time of year.”

“Me too!”

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