It’s a bright sunny day in northern NY when we head out for a drive.    As we meander over the roads, we see the trees as they are turning into a plethora of colors.  Blazing reds, vibrant golds, vivid oranges all combine to create a breath-taking scene.  

Not only the colors, but the contrast of the green leaves and pine needles create a sense of peace.

Passing by lakes that are acting like mirrors, we see double the profusion, the real and the reflection on the water.  

As we go along, we get to enjoy the countryside.  We see nicely landscaped homes.  Since Halloween is just around the corner,  the ghosts and pumpkins add to the panorama.  Some of the houses along the way could be scary or funny, as they celebrate the season.  The contrast from the heat of the summer to the crisp fall air indicates a change of seasons.

The end of the growing season; and the harvest of pumpkins and apple picking are just two of the ways we celebrate. 

Autumn is a vivacious season

2 thoughts on “Autumn by Patricia Snover

  1. “Meander,” “plethora,” “double the profusion”: spot-on word choice to bring your piece alive. Thanks, Pat.

  2. I love the part where the lakes act like mirrors. Loved the descriptions. Wonderfully written!

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