You find the best writers who are also the best teachers, and those two things don’t always go hand in hand. 

I am thinking about Chris Tebbetts’ workshop and how he approaches writing from an improvisation background. Workshops like these always make something click for me.

Sometimes I struggle with why I struggle with characters in some of my stories; they just won’t do what I ask them to do, or if they do, it doesn’t feel true.  It struck me today that I think I’m putting the characters into predetermined roles in a play, but they know they’re doing improv. I give them a situation/setting and they’re saying “Yes, and ….”

As a director it’s vital to know whether you’re doing Twelfth Night or Second City, or the audience will be confused. And I think more and more of the writer as a director (and set designer). 

Thanks again for putting on another great workshop and bringing us important perspectives.”

– Renate Wildermuth

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