Ah, an extra hour
Such heavenly bliss in the morning
I roll over and go back to sleep
for an hour
Then up to have my coffee
Huh. No coffee
Forgot to reset the timer

Looks like that hour gained
will be used
to reset all the clocks in the house
and my extensive watch collection
So much for that elusive hour.
Wasted on resetting watches and clocks
And now it’s 5
and time to make dinner
But then, because it’s so dark out
it must be bedtime
Off to bed, at only 8:00

At least I’ll get a good night’s sleep
at least until tomorrow
When the coffee will perk on schedule
and the clocks will tell the right time
Except, of course, for the one in my car
Sadly, that one will be off an hour for six months
until we “Spring” ahead
and my coffee perks an hour ahead of schedule

One thought on “An “Extra” Hour by Linda Freedland

  1. When I have an owner’s manual for a vehicle, I not only mark the page that tells how to reset the clock, but write that page in the very front of the book. It is the only function I must regularly use that cahnges from vehilcle to vehicle. I hate it!!!

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