August 31, 2019 Annual report.

Management annual report. We’re in a decline. Tensions around the world. Growth slowed. Does anyone read these things? Semiconductor demand. How does a semiconductor demand? It’s an inanimate object. It has no ability to voice concern or to sit in the shade of the maple and read this depressing, dry document.

Management annual report. Slow paper consumption. Stop printing these foolish reports and leave precious trees alone to grow tall and straight. To provide a home for the birds that sing sweet songs. To provide shelter, shade during the dog days, movement, sound. The semiconductor can’t do that.
Management annual report. At the bottom, right under the big words and bigger excuses. Good news! Go Brazil! Go net interest margins! Profitability, that word rolls off your tongue. Low oil prices, sexy. The world is your oyster!

August 31, 2020 Annual Report

Management annual report. There’s absolutely nothing we can do about this decline. Growth has stopped. Dead. We read everything to get a morsel of information, depressing, dry, a lie. Our neighbor is a semi retired conductor, forced to leave the job because of a virus that robbed hundreds of thousands of a voice.

Management annual report. We’re sorry, but attached please find your severance papers. Twenty years of service reduced to three pages with a sheet on how to file for unemployment. How to provide shelter for your children, avoid depression, list your home for sale and seminars on late life career changes.

Management annual report. At the bottom, right under the small words and small excuses. Brazil, oh Brazil. No interest or acknowledgement of those existing in the margin. No profit at the corner store. Oil has been dumped on the fire and the world is burning.

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