All I know is this- teen whip know it all. Know boys want girl. Girl for boys. Cold into burn in a flat hour. Yeah, know how to pose. Boys come on to me. How to line lips with dark plum tone. Kiss my hand to set tint.
Know how to wear a jean wrap up to my hips, man’s tuck top, snap open.
Doin’ rump bump goin’ down hall- fake late pass- got into hot mess but leap out of it if top shot dean has good eyes.
Know if I slip loco note into cute boy’s book to wig him out- then walk past- talk- Soon he goes off with me and not fake girl he hums for.
Know prep boys who’d do math for this teen doll- Make out with them. No big deal. All the same. Grab this, grab that- Got a hand on soft silk skin.
Don’t want book time. Life says step up- hair and nails, lots of coin in that. Get cert- make home calls. Dear mama, dear papa on my butt to make this girl kid grow. They knew lost time lost.
Now, I’m gal pal of phat, fat, rich man. Laze on his boat deck, file a nail, sit on his lap. I get paid for his nail and buff glow. They look good when done. On a good day, my best she comes for the sun. We bare our bods – swim out from the dock like koi.
All I know is this…More to come.

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  1. “Like” is not strong enough to relay my absolute admiration for this perfectly-developed hiarflippin’ nailchecker. Salute!

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