Did you know there’s a company right here devoted to exposing teens to the opportunities and adventures unique to the Adirondacks? They list opportunities for you from arts & design contests and showcases to scholarships for college & jobs in your town.

Here’s a few ways you can be involved with ADK Teen:

1.  Hot Shots Page – This page features exceptional teens from the Adirondacks.  We want to acknowledge and recognize young people who are going above and beyond, whether that’s in athletics, academics, the arts, involvement in the community, or a combination.  Check out Hot Shots.

2.  Photo Submissions – This page features and requests photo submissions of the Adirondacks from teens in the Adirondacks.  We aren’t picky here.  We would love to receive anything from images of nature to shots around town.  The idea is to allow teens to engage with and share the parts of their community for which they have the most fondness.  We want to help foster a feeling of local pride.  Check out Photo Submissions.

3.  What’s Your Art – This page currently features a skateboard design contest.  We are asking for Adirondack-themed skateboard designs.  The winning design receives a two night stay for four people at the Great Escape Lodge and access to Six Flags and the water park.  Check out What’s Your Art.

4.  Acts of Kindness – This page highlights young people who have done something especially kind for another person, their community, or school.  We are looking for kind acts both large and small.  The idea is to continue to put positive examples and inspirational youth in the limelight.  Check out Acts of Kindness.

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