From 1990 until 2014, Adirondack Life magazine had a special feature on the last page of each issue.  “Our Towns” profiled each of the 139 towns within the Adirondack Park. The short column offered brief histories and trivia. For example, in August 2006 we discovered that Ohio is the fourth-largest town in the Adirondacks but the second-poorest.  In April 1992 the magazine wrote that Lake Luzerne added “lake” to its name in 1963, having been the town of Luzerne since 1808. 

“Adirondack Life’s Our Towns: Dispatches From Around the Adirondack Park” is a new book that compiles all of those features. Senior Editor Niki Kourofsky explains how the concept for the stories and the book originated.

“Back in 1990 we started on the back page doing very short, about 300 words, just sketches of the communities every community in the Adirondack Park. They would contain history but also local color, characters and from start we thought that they would be compiled into a book. So now we’ve finally done it!” Listen and read the full story.

“Adirondack Life’s Our Towns” edited by Niki Kourofsky is available at bookstores in the Adirondack Park and at Adirondack Life’s website.

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