Wonder Woman knocked on my door
I was busy sweeping the floor.
“Put down your broom and talk to me”
I’m busy now, can’t you see?
“Chores can wait, there’s more to life”
Chores can’t wait, they build up strife
“The only strife is what you make”
Running a house is no piece of cake
“Take a moment, come here and sit”
Housework won’t get done if I don’t do it

Wonder Woman pulled out a chair
My hand instinctively smoothed out my hair
“You spend so much time on never-ending chores:
Cooking, and cleaning and shopping at stores”
If I don’t do it, it won’t get done. As I said before,
Managing a household is not a lot of fun.

“Life is so much more than temporary things”
Your life is wonderful, about you everyone sings
“Forget my theme song, I’ve come to offer advice”
Advice is ok, but a helping hand would be nice
“That’s my point; your focus is off-kilter”
Perhaps if I looked through a rose-colored filter
“Look past the dust, the dirt and grime”
Neglecting housework would be a crime!
“Not neglect, just don’t make it your priority.
Think about your epitaph.”

The visit ended. Wonder Woman left.
I pondered her words and knew she was right.
My writing was always last on the list
Coming long after my energy was gone
From keeping the house neat all day long.
But is that what I want inscribed on my headstone?
Her house was cared for but her life’s work was not
Is my life’s calling confined to these four walls? Or . . .
Do I heed Wonder Woman’s advice.
Do I forget using housework as my claim to fame?
Do I spend my time writing and seek a nobler aim?

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