The annual pie contest in Starglow took place every 8th of May. Somehow, I got roped into being one of the judges this year.

There were two other judges, Nina Monty and Matthew Feng. Nina owned the local bakery, and Matthew Feng was the mayor.

I had tasted about 5 pies, until I got to Mary’s Pumpkin Pie. Pumpkin Pie was my least favorite-the nutmeg always gave me heartburn. As a judge, I only needed to take a small bite of the pie to taste it. I took a small bite, and watched as Mayor Matthew devoured his piece.
As we were about to move on to the next piece, Mayor Matthew grabbed his chest, and collapsed.

I would discover later, that Mary’s Pumpkin Pie had been poisoned with Foxglove. Foxglove poisoning mimicked a heart attack. Mary thought she’d be able to get away with it, but one detective suggested testing the pie, just in case.

Apparently, Miss Mary was getting tired of the Mayor’s promises to leave his wife, and be with Mary. So, she baited Mayor Matthew by making a pumpkin pie, his favorite, and poisoned it with Foxglove.

I had never thought I would be glad that Pumpkin Pie gave me heartburn. It might have been the very thing that saved my life.

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