True stories, told locally

Wednesday, August 18, 2021 at 6:00pm at Ausable Brewing Company in Keeseville, NY

  • Theme: “Transitions”
  • Pay What You Can $5-10 (Cash, Check, or Venmo adkctr4writing)

Tuesday, August 31, 2021 at 7:00pm at becks Tavern at Gore Mountain Lodge in North Creek, NY

  • Theme: “The Struggle Is Real”
  • Pay What You Can $5-10 (Cash, Check, or Venmo adkctr4writing)

How does it work? Storytellers (you, your friends, and anyone else with a story to tell) put their names in a hat. Names are picked, and one by one, storytellers take the stage and tell us their best story in five minutes. We choose a few judges from the audience who score every story to select winners of the night. The first place winner will get an automatic invitation to the Howl Story Grand Slam at the end of the year. All attendees are expected to follow current safety protocols set by the venues.

What else? All stories have to be true and come from personal experience. No notes. Do you need to be a professional storyteller? Heck no! Just tell it from the heart! Sign up for the list of storytellers when arriving to the event. Storytellers should plan to sign up in advance of the event start time. Event proceeds are split between the two organizations on the Howl Team.

The Howl Story Slam team is a partnership between Adirondack Center for Writing and North Country Public Radio, two organizations that believe in the power of stories. Check out their websites to see their current offerings.

Tips for Storytellers

  • Practice, practice, practice, and prepare for the complexities of telling tales over screen like no big
  • True stories, told without notes. This includes scribbles on the back of your hands, our judges have great eyesight.
  • Your audience is brilliant and easily distracted, jump right into the action of your story.
  • Practice your story as much as possible, on the toilet, during your morning commute, in line for coffee. By the time you arrive at the The Howl Story Slam, you’ll be cool as a cucumber.
  • Leave the rants and stand-up routines at home. Bits and pieces of each are welcome, but use humor and rants sparingly!
  • Show up and put your name in the hat. When your name is called, you’ve got five minutes to tell your tale!
  • Storytellers will be judged on the stories relevance to the night’s theme, a story with a conflict and resolution, and staying in the time limit.

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