In Awe of the Whales by Linda Freedland

Clouds cover the tips of the mountainscutting them in half withtheir wide swatch of whitenessOthers dip down to meet the seacreating an ethereal misty effectThe waters dotted by small fishing boatsdesolate but beautiful in its desolationIsolated from the worldaccessible only by sea or skyNo billboards, no neon lightsJust moon, sun and starsThe only signs of … Continue reading In Awe of the Whales by Linda Freedland

My First Epic by Karen Davidson

Six-inches, flat as a pancake,Wonder Woman’s superhuman musculatureA gift from Greek deitiesStands tall on the windowsill byMy kitchen sink. The strength of Superman combinedWith femininity, beauty, and innocencePrincess of ThemysciraKnown undercover crime-fighterDiana Prince. American icon birthed ofClay October twenty-first 1941.To heal society’s illsWorld War II fighter to run outNazi evil. Woman doctor and scientistSociety’s fashion … Continue reading My First Epic by Karen Davidson

A Visit from Wonder Woman by Judyann Grant

Wonder Woman knocked on my doorI was busy sweeping the floor.“Put down your broom and talk to me”I’m busy now, can’t you see?“Chores can wait, there’s more to life”Chores can’t wait, they build up strife“The only strife is what you make”Running a house is no piece of cake“Take a moment, come here and sit”Housework won’t … Continue reading A Visit from Wonder Woman by Judyann Grant

Beyond by Ruth Ann Dandrea

Power, when it comes,comes powerfully.Frightening a world.Superbeings, ragingwith strength, able to fly,disappear, read your mind,see your bones and organs.Fighting, always fightingeven when they win.In my comic book life,I don’t seem superor even very powerful.Able to say anythingto anyone. With an earto hear, a mind to mind.Language, in the end,is what makes us men(and more than … Continue reading Beyond by Ruth Ann Dandrea