Age in Contrast by Leslie Sittner

My physical self lets me down.My body has aged less like fine wine, more like thick buttermilk.My mental self lets me down.My mind has aged less like ripe cheese, more like cheesecloth.My intellectual self lets me down.My brain synapses are slow and less frequent. And yetI’m delighted since latelyI drink less buttermilk and definitely more … Continue reading Age in Contrast by Leslie Sittner

Time for Cliché by Leslie Sittner

Time won’t tellif it’s been nickedor its track is lost. Time won’t tellif it’s lasted an eternityor went by at the speed of light. Time won’t tellif it’s just a matter ofor rushed for, or a waste of. Time won’t tellif it healed no woundsor is even on your side. Time won’t tellif it’s on … Continue reading Time for ClichĂ© by Leslie Sittner

Homage to Ukraine by Duane L. Herrmann

I. I Don't Need a Ride Brave President Zeleneskyytold the world in responseto an offer to flee Ukraine.I will not leave my people,my country, he affirmed.I need ammunitionto repeal invading Russianswho have now becomethe enemy of the world. II. A Free People A breath of freedomnot even forty years,when DOWNcame the fist of oppressorpushing all … Continue reading Homage to Ukraine by Duane L. Herrmann