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Cost per five week course is $130 for ACW members and $180 for Non-members. Payable by credit card or check sent to Adirondack Center for Writing, P.O. Box 956, Saranac Lake, New York 12983. Want to become a member and get the benefits? Join the family now!

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Now is the time to kickstart your writing!

Each season welcomes a new batch of talented teachers and developing writers from all over the world. The Adirondack Center for Writing’s online classes are easy for you to participate in from your own computer. All you need to participate is a web browser — there’s no technical software involved, so you can work whenever is convenient for you. An interactive workshop is at the heart of each class. Every student will receive personal feedback from the instructor on their weekly assignments. We welcome any level of writer to join the online writing classes, and offer courses for a variety of genres. Visit the FAQ page for more info about the online writing classes.

Student Testimonials. 

“Received some of the best feedback that I’ve ever had on my manuscript. Chris Tebbetts is knowledgeable, inspirational and intuitive.”

“The class was the perfect amount of challenge, stimulation and fun.”

“I loved this course. It forced me to work at my edge. Jessica Hendry Nelson gave detailed feedback. I took risks and learned a lot.”

“This was a great course for working people who think they’re too busy to write. There’s nothing like an achievable deadline to get some writing done. The readings and lectures made the class feel very complete and comprehensive with clear lessons and objectives. The assignments with writing prompts were just enough without being overwhelming.”

Previously Offered Courses

 The Adirondack Center for Writing has offered a series of online writing workshops with an amazing group of teachers, including the following:

Writing Young Adult Fiction with Chris Tebbetts
The Personal Essay with Annie Stoltie
Memoir Writing with Mary Sanders Shartle
Limbs & Language: Writing Poetry with Mahogany L. Browne
The Unconventional Memoir with Jessica Hendry Nelson
Fiction Bootcamp with Gary Lee Miller
Lightning in a Bottle: Writing the Nature Flash with Julia Shipley
Make It Sing: Writing Poetry Out of the Everyday with José Olivarez
Essays from Personal Experience with Carrie Laben
The Promise of a Good Story: Writing Middle Grade and Young Adult Novels with Chris Tebbetts
Essay Associated: Experiments in Creative Nonfiction with Jessica Hendry Nelson Shazam: The Superpower of Shortform (Sequel to Lightning in a Bottle: Reading and Writing the Nature Flash) with Julia Shipley
(re)Making Memory: Writing Poetry with Desiree C. Bailey