Well, life gave us lemons, and it’s time to make lemonade. All in-person events are postponed due to COVID-19, but ACW still has lots to offer online for you during this tense time. These offerings are designed to be interactive and accessible and to inspire you to create, chat, and read. 

Did you know stories actually create endorphins as you read and hear them? ACW knows that stories and the many vessels they take (essays, poetry, songs, books) can make everyone feel connected and challenged. Stories are what make us human. That’s why right now is the most important time to turn to writing, reading, and storytelling.

Weekly writing prompts are delivered on Mondays, and you can read the responses on Fridays. PoemVillage has turned into an epic online display of locally-harvested poetry coming to your inbox from April 20-May 10. Online writing classes are being created specifically to invite those at home to create new work, and be inspired even from home.

You might be at home, but you are not alone.

What remains during these tense times is ACW’s commitment to building spaces for healing together. Through weekly writing prompts and posted responses, new online classes, and the online display of PoemVillage, ACW is continuing to bring together community members like you during isolation and uncertainty.

Keeping ACW strong in these tense times now rests in the hands of faithful supporters like you. So, you are invited to give a gift of any amount. All gifts are significant in keeping ACW alive and well, so when this is all over ACW will be ready to re-launch the important programming you count on.