Visiting 5 Rivers this week, I sat on a log and enjoyed the warm sunshine and peace and quiet. It has been moths of political noise in America and now the fall out from the election. November fifth, no final winner of the election, I thought, “Escape I must from the political chaos.” Sitting in the peaceful surrounding, soaking up the sun, I looked up. Suddenly I was blessed by a flock of migrating Canadian geese flying overhead. A beautiful sight to behold. Their flight inspired me to write the following poem.

Ballet In The Sky
Early winter sky
Billowing gray and white clouds
with a touch of blue
Backdrop for migrating birds

Movement presents a silver line
Wings with ballet grace
flow freely in the wind
Swoop up and down in a spirit of one

Twist, turn creates
Sculpture in the air
Silver to black and back to silver
Graceful twists and turns
The leader conducts
an anthem in the sky.

I gaze upon one small movement
of a long journey overhead
Change of command brings
no break in ribbon-like grace

Instinct says follow
Birds respond in complete accord
Bound by flight for survival
predestined destination

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