My Mom often would say “June, you are not too bright.” For instance, growing up, I lived in the country with no bus service. I took the city bus to the end of the line and then would call my mother to come and give me a ride the rest of the way home. When I called, I would say “Mom, it’s me, your daughter, June. I am ready to be picked up.” I was an only child so Mom once told me that just hearing the salutation of “Mom” let her know who was on the other end of the line. Any other information I gave her was extraneous.

But then again, when I was having trouble with my homework, she would say “You aren’t that dumb. Figure it out.” Often, my solution to the problem was to ask Dad when he got home. He always helped me out.

So, which am I? Stupid or smart?

The other day I was driving across the Dunn Memorial Bridge. I was following a septic tank truck. As it rounded the bend to get on Rt 787, I noticed “Yesterday’s Meals on Wheels” painted on the side of the truck. I thought “Isn’t that nice? They are supporting the national community-based nutrition program of delivering meals to the elderly.” Then I thought if it is a government program, why are they advertising it? I continued on my way and then I had an epiphany. The truck removes the end products of the food ingested the day before. Dah!

I didn’t take a picture of the truck (who would want a picture of an old septic tank truck?), but I continue to think about it and my reaction to it days later. I still have the image of it in my mind. And now, I have even written a story about it!

At first, I wasn’t too bright, but then I figured it out (even without Dad’s help).

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