“What’s your name?”
“Corona. What about you?”
“Here we sit, thrown together, total strangers, on the counter in Jack’s Bar.”
“How did you get here, Corona?”
“I was left behind by the last couple. The were celebrating being sprung loose from social isolation.”
“Same with me.” remarked Virus.
“This bar is filling up with many humans who are happy to be out and about. Little do they know, Corona, that we are still lurking here waiting to infect them. No masks or hand sanitizer in sight. Fertile ground for us!”
“Watch out, Virus, here comes another happy couple. They may pick us up and take us home with them. Yea! It looks as though we may win the war!”

As the evening wears on, the bar fills up with more happy, laughing, shouting people. Finally, the second couple Hi- Five the bar tender, put their cash on the counter and ready themselves to leave, but not before scooping up Corona and Virus on the palms of their hands.

Too tired to wash their hands, the couple fall into bed and a sexual frenzy. Exhausted from twisting, turning and human touch, Corona and Virus fall into a deep sleep.

The rising sun creeps through the window into the bedroom. Suddenly awakened, Corona asks, “ Who are you?” “Who are you?” asks Virus. They simultaneously blurt out, “I do not recognize you from last night.” Corona gasps in shock, “Of course we don’t recognize each other. Our cells have split. We must be on our way. More humans to infect!”

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