I dreamed someone said something nice to me. Amid tears flooding my cheeks, I prayed God was working through me.
Allie said, “You knit so beautifully.”
So, gladly, I thanked my grandma for teaching me.
Bobbie said, “I’m so proud of you.”
So, shyly, I lowered my eyes.
Charlie said, “I’d be dead without you.”
So, humbly, I thanked God, for teaching me what to do.
Ginnie said, “You’re conciliatory.”
So, I admit I had to look it up in the dictionary.
Grannie said, “I love you.”
So, secretly, I tucked that in my heart never to forget.
Johnnie said, “You’re my nightingale.”
So, regretfully, I recalled he was gone; a tear dropped.
Jennie said, “You’re loyal.”
So, tears flooded my eyes remembering him, named Loyal.
Lizzie said, “I’m always near.”
So, wishfully, I wished her alive again.
Lorie said, “You’re hospitable.”
So, hopefully, will be so again when air is safe again to breathe freely.
Stephanie said, “You’re an ol’ soul.”
So, pensively, I knew she was right.
Tommie said, “I know you’re doing a good job.”
So, knowingly, I thought, ‘I’m trustworthy’.
The only thing you don’t get punished for is to love. Thus, I pray my Maker loves more through me. Then I heard, “You’re My Child, and I love you.” I knew then, my true identity.

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